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Dog Grooming
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At Pawsers we take care of bathing, cutting and grooming your beloved dog. During the grooming service for your dog, we always take care of the best treatment with the professionalism we have.
We observe if there are any skin diseases or bumps on the skin that the owner may not have detected and we refer to a veterinarian.
During the grooming of your dog, we also carry out with special care and experience the cleaning of his anal gland. The quality care of the animal's coat, with the removal of its dead hair, is another one of the services we offer with great success.
The care and cleaning of the ears as well as the trimming of the dog's nails by us, ensures the complete rejuvenation of your beloved friend.
The drying of the coat after the bath is carried out with a special hair dryer for dogs so that no moisture and odor remains in his coat.
Trimming and grooming helps your pet's skin to breathe as we remove hair from important areas such as paws. Our every work and action is carried out with an excess of love, calm movements and tenderness towards your pet as if it were our own.
With your systematic visit to our place, an excellent grooming result and reduction of your dog's hair loss is achieved. Entrust your best friend to us and receive him after a short time completely renewed, smelling of musk and with a shiny coat!
Every animal deserves frequent and quality care as it improves the health and quality of life of your pet as well as yours. It is important that the dog gets used to bathing and grooming from an early age so that it treats them as an enjoyable grooming process.




This ensures the best cooperation from his side and his positive mental attitude for better results. Our specializations will surely leave you and your pet completely satisfied. 



  • Hairstyle
  • bathroom
  • Haircut
  • Hand stripping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • Cleaning of anal glands
  • Treatments for skin problems
  • Removal of dead hair
  • Tribal haircut
  • Haircut with scissors