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Grooming a Cat
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Another service offered by the Pawsers store is cat grooming. Although the cat may be bathed less frequently than the dog, it is possible for your cat to get used to the bathing process. Some cats like contact with water if they are used to it from a young age.
We use suitable shampoos for the cat's sensitive skin and rid your beloved kitty of dangerous germs. Bathing the cat reduces a large percentage of the allergenic substances present in its epithelium and you immediately benefit from these better hygiene conditions.
The drying of the cat is carried out with special absorbent towels and with calm movements so as not to frighten and ensure the peace of mind of your beloved pet.
Even if your cat or cat does not accept contact with water, we take care of the simple care of their coat by brushing - combing and removing dead hair with special combs for cats.
The cat's coat after regular brushing is very soft, smooth and fluffy. The process is done with patience, love and calmness. The dead cells of your cat's hair are removed, we carefully clean the inside of the ears from parasites or dirt and we take care of the safe trimming of the nails. All these operations are carried out with safety, perfect technique and a lot of love for your animals. After cleaning and grooming, your pet will be ready for cuddles!


  • Nail clipping
  • Combing - removing knots
  • bathroom
  • Haircut
  • Ear cleaning